The concept for this campaign was developed with Sarah Law and Corin Mynett.

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60% of the food the UK throws away is still good to eat. Food waste emissions are equivalent to the third most polluting country in the world. Mimica is a technology enabling us by touch to know the right expiry date of a fresh product. A label sitting on the packaging reacts chemically and bumps will form as the product goes off.

preview mimica project senses

Trust your senses

The mimica label is based on touch. To know if our food is still fresh we rely either on the "best before date" or on our senses: sniffing looking tasting. The campaign ‘trust your senses’ will aim to engage the audience in mimica empowering the user and building confidence in the label.

mimica campaign development

Social media campaign

Creating 'snack-size content' and using animation is a good way to get people engaged. The animations use mimica visual and physical properties: colors and bumps. Sound effects will trigger the senses furthermore.
The goal is to generate interest and to reach the targetted audience.
- educating on food waste
- breaking the trust in ‘best before’ labels
- explaining how the label works

mimica animation screenshots

Creating an immersive experience

In the supermarkets, customers will be stopped by small bumps on the floor leading to a tasting stand. Posters and stickers will appeal to a more logical and conscious audience, focusing on savings in food and money. Flyers will be handed to people to explain further the label's workings.

mimica stand in supermarkets mimica savings focused

Expending the experience

After the supermarket mimica's end goal to reduce food waste will be extended with an app. It will enable people to track their waste production with analytics. The app will also help people to find other ways to reduce their food waste.

Going beyond using the label:
- waste tracking and analytics = what + how much is wasted
- storing food properly
- composting
- recipes
- planning meals
- link to a donation matching software

mimica app mimica app