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Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industry in the world. It's the fastest growing waste and the 2nd biggest polluter of clean water. We keep clothes for half as long as we did 50 years ago and 85% of garment ending up in a landfill.

selling second-hand clothes

UNIQUE consists of:
- carefully curated items for the consumers and the planet
- providing diverse and valuable items to Millenials
- fair prices

Unique values

>>> Providing sustainable and diverse clothes to eco-conscious and trendy customers in an ethical environment with a thoughtful and empowering voice. Helping them feel unique and responsible.

The website

The website will display ‘traditional’ clothing categories with a focus on sustainability.
- illustrations to engage the audience and make the brand stand out
- focus on the ‘community’: Instagram posts at the bottom

Unique website

Creating a community

People will be able to share their style with the hashtag #DressUnique.
The content posted will curate content:
- educating people on fast fashion and sustainability
- supporting the movement on climate change
- advocating for conscious consumerism
- focusing on the people

>Unique instagram

Marketing material

The challenge was to sell clothes from multiple brands as one. The label and packaging will carry some illustrative elements.

Unique label and packaging